68.3-556W 7785lm Nichia LED E21 2x8 Module 24x8cm 4000K

Nichia Power LED Module E21 2x8 16 LEDs White 4000K 68.3W 7785lm

4.8-44W 380lm/m Nichia Slim Flexible LED Strip Warm White 24 LED/m 24V (price for 50 cm)

Flexible Nichia LED strip Slimflex 24 LEDs/m (price for 50cm) 24V White 2700K 3W/m 380lm/m

Nichia Power LED Module E21 4x4 16 LEDs White 4000K 68.8W 7785lm

Stock Germany >100 pcs

We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced NICHIA LED modules in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These modules have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

Our range of Lumego LED panels combine the performance of Nichia LEDs, with the well known quality of German Design and reliable manufacturing in Europe.

Nichia Power LED Module E21 4x4 16 LEDs White 4000K 68.8W 7785lm
Nichia Power LED Module E21 4x4 16 LEDs White 4000K 68.8W 7785lm Nichia Power LED Module E21 4x4 16 LEDs White 4000K 68.8W 7785lm

The latest innovation in LED chip design from Nichia, the direct mountable chip technology,  good thermal design with minimum cost is now possible.

The Nichia direct mountable chips have the lowest thermal resistance on the market, only 0.3 (?/W junction to Ts measuring point), best chip size vs lumens ratio and consistent performance at high temperature.  Therefore quality can be maintained  while reducing the heat sink and case or it can be increased  without modifying these two elements.

Featuring the direct mountable chip technology, the E17A and E21A LED series from Nichia can reduce cost and increase performance of street light and high bay light fixtures.

Aventrix, our new LED modules,  use E21A Direct Mountable Chip LEDs and will bring high performance, efficient and reliable street or high-bay lighting within easy reach.

With E21A LED modules requiring minimum cooling, the total cost of the LED fixture is reduced, especially for the cooling element, usually made from aluminum, and the size of the enclosing. The cost of ownership is also very low due to the high luminous efficiency of 140 lm/watt and the well known excellent durability of the Nichia LEDs. A L70 lifetime of at least 43.800 hours, or 5 years of continuous operation is guaranteed.

System cost is further reduced with a hassle free installation via plug & play connectors and the PCB form factor with screw holes for fixation in place.

The PCB form factor brings freedom to use the E21A LED modules for a wide range of applications. It is immediately compatible with many 50x50 mm square optics from Ledil and Carclo. A few example of illumination patters:

To accommodate a wide selection of case design the E21 LED module comes in three LED configurations: 2x2 with 1945lm,  4x4 and 2x8, both with 7785lm.

   For many street light projects usually one 7785lm module of 4x4 or 2x8 is usually sufficient and the power source can consist of a single 1400mA, 48.8V constant current driver, a very common type.

With operation up to 85 ? ambient temperature the performance specifications at 4000K color temperature are:

Other color temperatures are available on request.

The E21 LED Modules are available for ordering via our website.

Project based pricing is available on request.

  • Nichia E21 series LEDs
  • 5 year warranty
  • IMS PCB (aluminium core) for excellent thermal management with 0.9 K/W
  • Built-in ESD and surge arrestor up to 4000 V
  • Fits a variety of optics (all 50x50 mm lenses for 4x LEDs)
  • Luminous flux up to 7785lm
  • Maximum current: 1400 mA
  • Typical efficiency of up to 153lm/W
  • Dimmable
  • Dimensions: 4x4 module: 120mm x 120mm
  • Wago 2060 circuit board clamp for quick and easy connection
  • Operated via constant current source
  • Wide range of applications
  • Ideal for modular light construction
Technical Data
SKU 53071
Strip Type Rigid
Lumens per Meter (lm/m) 64926
Color Neutral White
Color Temperature 4000K
Color Rendering Index 70
Luminous Flux Typ (lm) 7785
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 114
Power (W) 68.8
Dimmable Dimmable
Viewing Angle 120°
Forward Voltage Max (V) 48.8
Lifetime (L70, hrs) 50000
Warranty (months) 60
Forward Current Max 1400mA
Manufacturer Product Code 53071
Dimensions 120x120x6
Dimensions: Length (mm) 120
Dimensions: Width (mm) 120
LEDs per sales unit 16
Manufacturer Ledrise
Availability beyond shown stock: YES
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