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Mid Power LED Performance compared: performance Nichia 757G is the leader

Mid Power LED review

Middle Power LEDs are those that usually use less than 0.3 Watt of energy, are fairly small and require minimal or no cooling. Small as they are, they play a key role in the ever larger penetration of LED into the lighting market. This comes from the possibility to build arrays of middle power LEDs that deliver the required light output for a given form factor.

Thus, many of the popular applications of LED technology use modules with middle power LEDs. Among them: fluorescent LED replacements, LED lamps, LED linear modules for cove lighting, linear luminaries, LED panels, back-light modules for illuminated ceilings or signs.

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LED modules with tunable white technology for Human Centric Lighting.

Our LED modules with tunable white technology are a strong foundation for Human Centric Lighting. You can dynamically manage their color temperature and brightness in order to simulate natural daylight across the period of a day, from a productive pure white in the morning to a cozy warm white in the evening. Human Centric Lighting has has proven to increase well-being, concentration and performance.

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Chip Scale Packaged (Flip Chip) LEDs, a new LED technology

Usually, a light emitting diode (LED) has two key components, the LED chip that emits the light and the LED package which focuses it, enables assembly into lighting products and transfers the heat away to the heat sink.

Large LED manufactures design and build both LED chips and packaged LEDs. Small manufactures usually purchase LED chips and assemble them into packaged LEDs. This explains the enormous, sometimes confusing, variation in packed LEDs specification, performance and quality. Packaged LED attributes are defined by both chip and package design and production.

This picture has now got even more complicated with the increasing market penetration of Chip Scale Packaged LEDs, known as CSP or flip-chip LEDs.

If we consider a packaged LED to be the automobile with the LED chip its engine then a CSP LED is an engine on wheels, with minimum body work or other components.

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New LED design for increased performance and optimised lighting fixture cost

New Led Deign, the Flip Chip

When making a decision to purchase LED lighting technology we are usually put in the balance price and cost of ownership, the reason behind this being that LED technology is general more expensive. 

However, the current market penetration rate of LED shows the argument that lower cost of ownership due to energy savings and long product lifetime is more than worth price difference is convincing.

This approach can have serious problems when the promised long term savings do not materialize. A LED can fail or degrade sooner that expected due to many reasons, from false advertising (the LED design could never perform as advertised), poor handling of heat management to mistakes in the product design. A customer faced with this issue could loose trust in the LED technology.

The solution is to reduce the price of LED products without a compromise of performance and quality. Innovation is the way to do it as is the case of Nichia's new LED design with Direct Mountable Chip technology.

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Nichia Maxline LED Modules for high performance linear lighting

Our Nichia Maxline LED modules are the key to build linear lamps or fixtures with superior performance. Integrated into a T8 LED tube, the Nichia Maxline modules can easily surpass the performance targets for effective and economical sound replacement of fluorescent LED tubes. This outstanding results arise from the use of Nichia 757 Mid-Power LEDs with the highest performance on the market.

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