MatrixMini4080 Backlight Nichia LED modules (80.000 lm/sqm)

Professional backlight LED module MatrixMini, Nichia LEDs with 100.000 hours life, up to 91,000 lm / square meter

Matrix MiniMatrix is a modular system
For easy back-lighting

The MatrixMini modules represent the optimal solution for building luminaires with large, light surfaces, via backlighting in a uniform and durable way. MatrixMini is a 3x3 cm module that has an innovative Plug & Play interconnect system for easy to build wide variety of light shapes for the most diverse applications.

The freedom of creativity is enhanced by the fact that the MatrixMini 4 LED modules can be ordered in fully  pre-assembled forms that can also be separated into smaller modules up to 3x3 cm:

  • MatrixMini-4-4080 2x2: 4 modules in a square of 6x6 cm
  • MatrixMini-25-4080 5x5: 25 modules in a square of 15x15 cm
  • MatrixMini-9-4080 9x1: 9 modules in a line of 27x3 cm
  • MatrixMin-126-4080 9x14: 126 modules in a rectangle of 42x27 cm

Easy installation is just one of the strengths of our modules. The use of the high performance Nichia 757 LEDs that provide a huge light output of up to 90,000 lm / square meter with a minimum power consumption and a lifetime of over 100,000 hours are more.

MatrixMini is the best choice for projects requiring intense light, with LEDs installed in shapes inside luminaires, directly visible or behind a translucent material (plexiglas, stone, marble, barrisol stretch ceiling).

The warranty for our Nichia LED Matrix is 5 years and can be extended up to 7 years in some cases, the investment being secured over time and quickly returned due to minimal maintenance costs and reduced power consumption.

Applications forMatrixMini:

  • Construction of light forms
  • Backlight behind translucent surfaces of barrisol, plexiglas, stone, etc ...
  • Illuminated showcases
  • Construction of lighting fixtures or LED panels
  • General lighting with a long lifetime in shops, offices, TV studios, cabinets, clinics or in the home
MatrixMini-1-4080, 4 Nichia LEDs
  1. MatrixMini-1-4080 Nichia LED Module pure white 4000K 75lm 4 LEDs 24V 0.48W 3x3cm (83000 lm/sqm) MatrixMini-1-4080 Nichia LED Module pure white 4000K 75lm 4 LEDs 24V 0.48W 3x3cm (83000 lm/sqm)
    MatrixMini-1-4080 Nichia LED Module pure white 4000K 75lm 4 LEDs 24V 0.48W 3x3cm (83000 lm/sqm)
    Overall Rating:
    100 % of 100

Documents for MatrixMini and Nichia LED

Catalog LED Matrix (German market version)

LED Nichia Datasheet

10.000 hours lifetime test

The Nichia LED quality explained

The japanese company Nichia, the manufacturer of LEDs used for MatrixMini, holds the world's largest LED market share (over 25%) and is the inventor of white LED production technology. The invention for which its reasearchers have received the Nobel Prize for Physics.

The very long life of Nichia 757G LEDs (minimum 100,000 hours), high operating temperature resistance, far superior light output and good light quality are just a few of the attributes that recommend these LED products for long-lasting use in a wide range of applications.

We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced NICHIA LED strips in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These strips have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

The difference between the quality and performance of a MatrixMini with Nichia LED matrix and a low-cost, common LED bar is evident from the first power on and in time the gap is even greater.

1) Best lumen maintenance on the market

After 10,000 hours of operation, a Nichia 757 LED keeps 97% of its initial luminous flux while the a cheap LED loses up to 60% of the initial power in the same range.

The light output for Nichia 757 LEDs is supported by 10,000-hour tests, according to the LM-80 standard, and lifetime (light at 80%) is calculated according to TM-21 methodology, both internationally recognized.

The evolution of Nichia LED light output compared to an inexpensive LED: after 10,000 hours

2) The Nichia 757 LEDs in a batch have the same color temperature, which they keep in time

On the MatrixMini matrix, all Nichia LEDs have the same white color temperature. In addition, all LED matrices in one delivery have the same shade, which will also be maintained for a future order. This is possible due to the 3 Macadam Elipse sorting standard. In addition, after many hours of operation, the Nichia LEDs have the same hue as the acquisition.

In contrast, on the low budget module, LEDs may have more shades, or the difference in shade between two modules may be significant. The requirement that with a next order the color temperature is the same is impossible to accomplish. The reason is the lack of a post-production sorting standard that would increase the price. Moreover, after just a few thousand hours, each inexpensive LED changes the shade in a different way.

A Nichia LED uses the 3 Step Macadam Elipse sorting standard and keeps the same color temperature in time

3) The Nichia LED is up to 5 times more energy efficient

Depending on the technology used, LEDs may have different light output for the same power consumption. The difference in light efficacy (lumens per watt) from one LED to another may be 500% and has a very high influence on the production price. The Nichia LEDs have the highest light efficacy on the market, of more than 200 lumens per watt compared to an inexpensive LED that has around 50 lumens per watt.

In other words, a MatrixMini 9x14 matrix is as bright as 15 meters of a 14.4W / m strip with 1800 LEDs 5050 cheap. After 10,000 hours, the matrix will become as bright as 30 meters as the cheap LED bars due to the degradation of the latter's luminous flux.

Nichia LEDs are much brighter for the same power consumption