Nichia LED NCSU334B UVC 70mW 280nm 1.9W

Nichia LED NCSU334B UVC 70mW 280nm 1.9W

Nichia LED NCSU334B UVC 70mW 280nm 1.9W
Nichia LED NCSU334B UVC 70mW 280nm 1.9W Nichia LED NCSU334B UVC 70mW 280nm 1.9W

Nichia LED NCSU334B UVC 70mW 280nm 1.9W

  • High performance Nichia UVC LED 280nm
  • Highest Radiant flux for single chip LEDs: 70 mW
  • Long lifetime
  • World Standard High Power UVC-LED
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We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced NICHIA LED modules in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These modules have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

Our range of Lumego LED panels combine the performance of Nichia LEDs, with the well known quality of German Design and reliable manufacturing in Europe.

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The second generation of the new Nichia UVC LED, the NCSU334B raises the performance bar for deep UV LEDs with 70mW radiant power for only 1.9W of energy consumption. 

This performance increases the range of possible applications in the filed of disinfection from viruses and bacteria. One or a small number of Nichia UVC LEDs can be used for surface disinfection of objects, with 99% kill rate achievable in less than 20 seconds from a distance of 50 mm (data for NCSU334A).

Nichia 280nm Disinfection

A combination of UVC and UVA LEDs can substantially increase the disinfection capability, as detailed in this article on our blog.

Nichia is the largest LED manufacturers in the world and inventor of the blue (and thus also white) light emitting diode. The innovative Nichia research department is a pioneer when it comes to efficiency and establishes records on a regular basis.

Durability, brightness and homogeneity are among the major strengths of the Nichia brand. Furthermore, the fine selection allows greater added value for professional processing.


  • High performance UVC NCSU334B SMD LED with 280nm and 70mW typical radiant power
  • Typical voltage 5.5V, current 350mA
  • Typical power consumption: 1.9W
  • 120 deg viewing angle
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.8x6.8x2.12mm

Application areas

  • Disinfection
  • Sterilization

Warning Actinic UV danger for eyes and skin

Ultra violet radiation in the wavelength range of 200-400nm may cause inflammation of the cornea as well as a UV erythema (sunburn) of the skin. The biological effectiveness of the UV radiation varies in the stated wavelength range and is described with the spectral response function (weighting scale) SUV.

See PDF documents for data sheet, safety warning and product guide.


Technical Data
SKU 36888
LED Size 6.8x6.8 mm
LED Family Nichia UV (New!)
LED Installation Package Emitter
Color Ultraviolet
Viewing Angle 120°
Forward Current Typ 350 ma
Forward Voltage Typ (V) 5.2
Power (W) 1.82
Wavelength (nm) 280
Manufacturer Product Code NCSU334BT
Manufacturer Ledrise
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