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Notice for our customers with an account on the old website

  • Because of incompatibilities  between the two systems we where not able to migrate your account and orders
  • A new account will be created automatically with your next purchase. The process is very fast, can be completed in a few seconds on the one page order checkout. Once you complete your first order we will send an email with the password for your new account
  • Alternatively you can create an account before your next purchase, HERE
  • If you need a history of your past purchases, please EMAIL US. We will send it in a pdf or excel file

New Website

  • We have tested all functions of our new website thoroughly. However if you encounter any issues that make your purchase difficult or impossible please LET US KNOW!  
  • If the issue is serious and caused by a bug in the system, we will consider offering you a discount on your order
  • For issues that prevent you for completing your purchase, we can create your order manually, based on details provided by email
  • We will also be happy to accept any suggestions about improving the usability of our new website

Highlights from terms, conditions and details of your purchase from Ledrise

Prices and Shipping

  • Ledrise ships from Germany, Hong Kong and Romania
  • Shipping cost starts from 9.99€ and is Free for orders of minimum 200€
  • The stock information in our shop is that from Germany, where most orders are shipped from
  • All displayed prices are Tax and VAT free
  • If you are a customer from the European Union, VAT will NOT be added to your order total if you are a company with a valid VAT ID
  • For our shop to recognise a valid VAT ID, fill it without the country code. For example instead of FR1234567, where FR is from France, just write 1234567
  • For private customers from the European Union the VAT rate of your own country will apply

Payment methods and security

  • You can pay with Paypal, Credit/Debit Card or Wire Transfer
  • Card payments are processed via Paypal. Ledrise does not store our can read your Credit Card number. All is encrypted and processed via Paypal payment gateway
  • To prevent any issue with the Fraud filters of Paypal please ensure the Billing Address of your order is at least in the same country as that of your Credit Card or Paypal account. Optimum would be that it is the same address.
  • Invoices are sent via email. If you do not receive an email with your invoice after we have shipped your order please contact us

For details please check our dedicated pages from the links above.