Made in Germany: Build Your Own Plug & Play LED Modules (Incl. Zhaga Book 7)

Ledrise LED modules custom-made for you

Ledrise Custom LED Solutions: Tailored Lighting Excellence

Don't settle for generic LED solutions when Ledrise offers customization to match your unique needs, avoiding the compromises associated with off-the-shelf products. With over 20 years of industry expertise, Ledrise manufacturers innovative, quality, and high-performance LED solutions in Germany, tailored to your specifications.

Simplified Customization Process

We make designing LED lighting easy with a specialized process for configuring custom rigid LED modules or strips up to 600mm by 420mm, in white or colors, with options covering size, specifications, and electrical characteristics, following the Zhaga Book 7 Standard.

Guidance Through Your Project

Starting a custom LED project might seem challenging, but we are here to help, offering comprehensive support for selecting LEDs, drive modes, controls, lens systems, thermal management, and connectivity, with an option for our expert recommendations.

We are committed to lighting up your project with customized solutions that exceed expectations.

Begin Your Custom LED Project

Start your journey to innovative and perfectly matched LED lighting by customizing your LED module with our specialized order process.

Build Your Own LED module from scratch with Nichia LEDs, or start with one of our of template designs.


Need A Special Design?

If our Build Your Own LED modules online order process does not offer the design options you seek, then use our specialized inquiry form to get started.







Need A Special Design?

If our Build Your Own LED modules online order process does not offer the design options you seek, then fill our specialized inquiry form below:

Ledrise SMT line in Germany for LED module manufacturing, with State-of-the-art machines and the latest Technology.

Ledrise Custom LED Modules: Precision Tailored for Your Needs

Opt for Ledrise custom LED modules to ensure your project benefits from the perfect fit, with designs meticulously tailored to your specific requirements including light intensity, dimensions, connections, and control systems.

Ledrise leverages cutting-edge LED technology, incorporating modern lenses, light control systems, and power supplies, grounded in contemporary design principles. This approach places our custom solutions far ahead of standard, off-the-shelf products that often trail behind the latest technological advancements.

Choose the Latest in LED Innovation

With roots dating back to 2004, Ledrise has been at the forefront of the LED revolution, gaining specialized knowledge in creating custom LED modules for a wide range of industries. Our dedication shines through in our state-of-the-art manufacturing center in Hechingen, Germany, equipped with a sophisticated SMT line that guarantees precision and innovation in every product.

Embark on your journey with Ledrise and transform your vision into reality with LED modules that promise unmatched performance and quality.


More than just LED modules

Leading with Technology

Our robust collaborations with top-tier brands in the LED industry position us at the forefront of integrating the latest technological advancements into your custom LED modules:


  • NICHIA (Official Distributor for Europe)
  • BLOB (Official Distributor)
  • SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR (Project Partner)
  • LUMILEDS (Certified Solution Partner)
  • OSRAM (LED Light for you Partner)
  • LEDIM (Certified Solution Partner)
  • CREE
  • LG Innotek

The LED manufacturers we partner with are the Top 7 of LED manufacturers globally. 


Top 10 LED manufacturers globally

Lens systems:

  • LEDIL (Official Distributor)
  • CARCLO (Official Distributor)
  • ARI (Official Distributor)

Drivers and controls systems:

  • CASAMBI (Certified Solution Partner)
  • ERP POWER (Official Distributor)


From planning to series production, what are the steps?

Investing in Custom LED Modules: Costs and Timelines

For projects starting at a budget of €5,000, creating a custom LED module with Ledrise is the smart choice. This initial investment includes:

  • LED module design and development
  • LED module datasheet creation
  • Prototype samples (optional)
  • Setting up for production
  • The first batch of mass-produced LED modules

After you send us your inquiry, we aim to get back to you with a detailed price offer within 1-3 working days, assuming we received all the info we need.

Need a hand with design or choosing components? We'll reach out via email and can discuss options over Microsoft Teams.


Here’s how the timeline looks once the design is locked in, and you are sure of the quantity for the first batch of mass-produced LED modules:

  1. Initial Design Draft: You'll see the first drawing of your LED module 2 weeks after we receive a 10% deposit.
  2. Datasheet and Samples: After the drawing gets your approval and a further 25% deposit, we'll create for you the custom LED module datasheet, within 2–4 weeks. Samples will follow 2–4 weeks later, if you opt to have them. 
  3. Mass Production: Once you approve the datasheet and/or samples, we'll start the full production, which will take 6–10 weeks, after another 25% deposit.
  4. Final Payment: Before we ship out your first order with mass-produced LED modules, we'll need the final 40% payment.

For projects that do not have clear target for the first mass production, payment for the above steps 1-2, will be made in advance, with the amount specified in the price offer. 

With Ledrise, your investment in custom LED technology is transparent, with clear steps and predictable timelines.


Ledrise is the specialized division of the Lumitronix group, focusing on Nichia LEDs and custom high-performance LED strips and modules

About Ledrise and the Lumitronix group

Ledrise is the specialized division of the Lumitronix group, focusing on Nichia LEDs and custom high-performance LED strips and modules, expertly manufactured at our own facility in Germany. Our German-made quality promises precision and durability, right from our production line to global delivery. Founded in 2005, our headquarters in Germany has been a key player in the LED industry's evolution, accumulating a wealth of experience across various industries.

Our dedicated team, from offices in Germany, Romania and Hong Kong, numbers over 70 experts—all working together to bring your custom LED lighting projects to life. From the drawing board to final production, we offer comprehensive support to ensure high-efficiency LED solutions that meet your exact standards.

Learn more about our decades long journey into LED lighting and services in our detailed company presentation.

The success stories of our customers

Join the ranks of our satisfied clientele, which includes over 10,000 businesses and 300,000 individuals from more than 75 countries, who trust the Lumitronix group for their LED projects.

Discover the impact of our work and read about our tailored LED solutions in our success stories brochure.