Price and Discount Policy

Tax and Duty Info:

  • As a Hong Kong company, all our public prices are duty and tax free
  • For private customers in Europe, as most orders are shipped from Germany or Romania, an added value tax of equal with that from your own country will apply, at the checkout page
  • For business customers in Europe with a valid VAT ID no added value tax will apply
  • For VAT free purchase as company in Europe please fill your VAT ID without the country code. For example instead of FR1234567, where FR is from France, just write 1234567, otherwise your VAT number will be invalided by our system
  • If you are a company in the European Union with a valid VAT ID you will receive with your purchase an invoice a valid VAT ID from our company in Romania (VAT ID RO16191780). You will be able to reverse charge VAT and account it according to the Council Directive 2006/112/EC. The invoice will be delivered via e-mail after we have shipped your order.
  • You can check your valid VAT ID here: 

Our Discount Policy

For projects less than 3000€ or 4000 USD the prices are those displayed in our website, with the following additional discounts:

  • 5% discount via Voucher Code, if you enter our VIP Club. Voucher will be sent via e-mail after you qualify for the VIP club. See VIP club section below for details

For large projects (3000€ or more) please contact us at [email protected]

Reach 3000€ with all your orders on the new* LedRise website and you enter our VIP Club.

VIP Club advantages:

  • 5% discount via Voucher Code, if you enter our VIP Club. Voucher will be sent via e-mail after you qualify for the VIP club, within 7 working days
  • Exclusive access to promotions for VIP Club members: up to 20% discount from the prices in our shop, on selected items, via discount vouchers
  • VIP Club Promotions are limited by time and are announced regularly on our or via Newsletter. Be sure to follow both!
  • Discount vouchers can be used at the shopping cart

How to take advantage of the VIP Club promotions

1. Have at least one delivered order from LedRise
2. Reach 3000€ with all the orders on the new
2.Check our Facebook Page or follow our Newsletter to see the current promotions
3.Use the provided voucher codes
4. We will add the order with the promotional terms in your account and send you payment instructions. Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer

VIP Club Terms and Conditions

  • To join a customer must reach 3000€ with all the orders in one account. If you are unsure about your order total send as an email at [email protected] New orders add up to your order total. If you did not receive your voucher code please e-mail us.
  • If a new customer orders for at least 3000€ in the first order, VIP Club discounts will apply from the second order and only if the first was already delivered.
  • For all existing customers with at least one delivered order the VIP Club discount will apply from the next order after the one that leads to a total order value of at least 400€
  • No retroactive discounts on orders without vouchers
  • All VIP discounts apply only to product prices visible in our shop
  • For any given product, only the largest discount will apply. Multiple VIP Club discounts or other special promotions do not stack.
  • If our sales department has offered a price which is lower that the one with the VIP Club discount then that price will still be valid
  • To be informed about the Exclusive VIP Club promotions you must follow our Facebook Page and/or our Newsletter. These promotional prices will not be visible at the product price on the website.
  • VIP Club promotions are time limited, specified for each promotion
  • If a promotion is also stock limited, it will be valid until the stock runs out
  • For VIP Club promotions free shipping might not apply. If this is the case, it will be specified in the promotion rules.
  • LedRise reserves the right to modify the rules and advantages of the VIP Club