Nichia 2-1 Tunable White LEDs

Nichia 2-1 Tunable White LEDs

Nichia 2-1 Tunable White 757 LED: 2700-6500K
Nichia 2-1 Tunable White COB LED: 2700-5000K

The new Color Tunable Series from Nichia are game-changing single surface, tunable white LEDs that allow the user to smoothly transition color temperature from warm white to cold white.

The series are ideal for many applications, such as commercial, retail spot lights and residential downlights. Retail stores can change the light color based on their display or objects in it. Families will be able to change the color temperature of their home to best suit their natural biological rhythms.

Nichia’s color tunable LEDs are available in the standard 757 package and chip-on-board (COB).

Nichia 2-1 Tunable White 757 LED 2700-6500K

The game changing NF2W757G-MT in the standard 757 package use a new patented technology to allow smoothly transition from warm white 2700K to cold white 6500K. The significant innovation is its ability to accomplish color tuning under a small, single light emitting surface (LES), thus achieving superb color uniformity with high color quality, up to 90 CRI. The 2-in-1 tunable white 757 enables thinner, sleeker optical designs, eliminating the need for bulky mixing chambers.

In addition to remarkable color, NF2W757G-MT allows users to improve operational efficiency. With performance on par with the primary 757’s shipping today, the industry’s #1 mid power LED, CCT can now be selected with ease at the time of assembly, shipment or installation vs. carrying inventory of multiple CCT’s. This can dramatically reduce inventory complexity, lead times and cost. NF2W757G-MT will be available in multiple binning options, including 3-step only, to further simplify the implementation.



The Nichia NF2W757G-MT is available in our website as emitter or part of the LumiFlex560 LED strip, both with 5-step MacAdam elipse sorting.

Nichia 2-1 Tunable White COB LEDs 2700-5000K

The Nichia COB 2-1 Tunable White Series are available in two sizes, 24x19mm and 19x16mm, and make posible to build lighting fixtures with adjustable color temperature from warm white 2700K to pure white 5000K., Nichia's color tunable COB provides a smaller light emitting surface and better color mixing than other options on the market. 

Nichia’s Color Tunable COB provides an innovative CCT tuning solution for human centric lighting applications. Where others use a combination of individual LED’s, or multi-cavity phosphor to achieve Color Tunability, Nichia uses a single cavity phosphor technique eliminating the “Tiger stripe” seen in other COB designs. 


Nichia 2-1 Tunable White LEDs
  1. Nichia NF2W757G-MT 3030 757 Series SMD LED Tunable White 2700-6500K CRI80 32lm Nichia NF2W757G-MT 3030 757 Series SMD LED Tunable White 2700-6500K CRI80 32lm
    Nichia NF2W757G-MT 3030 757 Series SMD LED Tunable White 2700-6500K CRI80 32lm
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PowerControler for tunable white control and more

With our new PowerControler range of control units you can control the Nichia 2-1 Tunable White COB LEDs easily via the dedicated contant current LED driver 1-1500mA 4-42V.


The PowerControler can control constant voltage 12V or 24V LED strips by using only a dimmable powersupply, or modules with constant current up to 1500mA (such our LinearZ) in connection with the compatible LED driver as below.