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NEW! Professional LED Strips made with the patented process of plasma direct metallization See all products

- for large area or general lighting. Luminous flux up 7000 lumen per meter, lifetime: 60.000 hours -
Our new and innovative production line in Germany uses a patented process of plasma direct metallization to turn flexible substrates into electrical conductive and solderable circuit boards, even those that before have not been suitable for an assembly with electronic components.
Paper-Flex is a reel of luminous, flexible paper, with an amazing lenght of 24.85 m and surface area of 8.69 square meters, that will light up at once
Z-Flex LED strips are available in single or multi row configurations and push the limits of luminous performance to new heights. The Z-Flex540 has an amazing 5300 lumens per meter from only a single row of LEDs while the multi row Z-Flex980 reaches 6200 lumens.


  • Unique design for large area light with very high luminous flux
  • High brightness with CRI 80 and top efficacy
  • Easy to install
  • You can light up to 10 square meters at once

Areas of application:

  • Large area lighting, such as stretched-ceilings
  • General lighting in homes, offices, shops
  • Production designer luminaries
  • New applications in the advertising or fashion industry

Professional LED Strips with SunLike or Optisolis full spectrum light See all products

- for general lighting with natural spectrum. Luminous flux up 3000 lumen per meter, lifetime: 100.000 hours -
At our production line in Germany we use the latest full spectrum LED technology in our products. Our LinearZ are Plug & Play modules use the Optisolis™ technology from Nichia and the SunLike™ TRI-R™ technology from Toshiba-SSC (Seoul Semiconductor) to bring you the best light quality possible, with CRI 97 to 100.
The The LumiFlex700 SunLike LED strips are a brilliant natural light source easy to install over long distances, with 5m long reel format.
Our special range of LinearZ for Horticulture will help you plants grow better and faster than ever before


  • Highest light quality, with CRI 97 to 100
  • High brightness with top efficacy
  • Easy to install with Plug & Play connections
  • You can build natural lighting fixtures

Areas of application:

  • Natural spectrum lighting fixtures
  • General natural lighting in homes, offices, shops and for horticulture
  • Production of designer luminaries
  • Worktop lighting in the kitchen or office

Professional LED Strips with Nichia LEDs See all products

- for general and task lighting. Luminous flux: 1200 - 2600 lumen per meter, lifetime: 100.000 hours -
The Lumiflex and Slimflex LED Strips use the best-performing LEDs in the market, the Nichia 757G series. Nichia is the world's leading manufacturer of LED diodes and a leader in quality. Nichia invented the white and blue LED and for this achievement one of its researchers received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014.
The LED strip is manufactured in Germany and meets the highest standards.


  • Lifetime (L70) minim 100.000 hours
  • High brightness with CRI 80-90 and top efficacy
  • 7 years warranty
  • Uniform light color due to strict binning

Areas of application:

  • General and task lighting in homes, offices, shops
  • Production of furniture or luminaries
  • Lighting from scaffolds, soffits and slots (may be the only light source in the room)
  • Commercial display lighting (due to long service life)

Focus: Tunable white LED strips and control systems

- you can choose the white light that suits your mood, activity, room furnishings or time of the day -

Flexible Tunable White LED Strips

High power tunable white led modules for downlights and wall washing

Compact Tunable White LED Modules

Tunable White Control systems

Professional LED Strips with high-flux Samsung LEDs See all products

- for projects with high brightness requirements. FlexOne can also be cut at only 1 cm. Light flux 1200 - 3800 lumens per meter -
Strips manufactured in Germany especially for projects that can not be made with other LED strips. FlexOne is the only strip on the market that can be separated into pieces 1 cm each and can be installed where other LED strips do not fit.


  • Special Technical Features
  • Lifetime (light at 70%) at least 50000 hours (7 years without interruption)
  • 5 years warranty
  • Very good light quality, high color fidelity (up to CRI90)

Areas of application:

  • Luxury products: furniture or luminaires
  • Projects with special requirements that can not be done with other LEDs
  • Lighting from very narrow coves and soffits
  • Showcase lighting

High Power Professional LED strips See all products

- for special, work lighting, or mounting in luminaires. Very high light flux 2500 - 9000 lumens per meter -
Made in Germany, these strips are used in projects that require very high light output from a compact body. The Powerbar V3 uses 3W white or colored LEDs, being as bright as a LED floodlight. The UV (365nm, 385nm and 405nm) and IR Powerbar V3 is perfect for special applications that require very high radiant power. MaxLine strips use Nichia 757 LEDs mounted on aluminum PCBs and can reach up to 9,000 lumens per meter.


  • Unmatched light power
  • Lifetime (light at 70%) at least 75,000 hours (10 years without interruption)
  • 5 years warranty
  • Good light quality (CRI 80-90) for natural color lighting

Areas of application:

  • Production of luminaires for general, commercial or industrial lighting
  • Work lighting or special applications (eg PowerBar V3 with UV LEDs)
  • Lighting for machinery and equipment
  • LED flood lighting (PowerBar V3 with Lens System)


- easy to install for general and working lighting. Luminous flux: 500 - 1500 lumen per metre, best light quality: CRI90 -
The Multibar strips use the same Nichia Japan LEDs, the 757 series, and are manufactured in Germany, like Lumiflex Flexible Strips. The substantial difference is given by the installation mode, Multibar uses a Plug & Play system that assures quick assembly without a soldering gun or extra wires.


  • Plug & Play Quick Installation Connection
  • Lifetime (light at 70%) at least 100,000 hours (12 years without interruption)
  • 5 years warranty
  • Very good light quality, high color fidelity (CRI90 +)

Areas of application:

  • Production of small series of linear luminaires (with profiles, counters from our offer)
  • General lighting in homes, offices, shops
  • Lighting from coves and slots (may be the only light source in the room)
  • Commercial lighting for fashion, jewellery, furniture (due to the quality of light)


- for ambient and deco lighting. Luminous flux: 200 - 1000 lumen per meter, lifetime: 20.000 hours -
Economy Flexible LED Strips for affordable ambient illumination. LEDs are produced by Seoul or Epistar. The Lumiflex with Seoul LEDs is made in Germany.


  • Lifetime (L70) minimum 20000 hours
  • up to 5 years warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Higher brightness and efficacy than other Chinese LED strips

Areas of application:

  • Ambient lighting in homes, offices, shops
  • Production of furniture or luminaires
  • Lighting from soffits and coves (only ambiance light)
  • Lighting of exhibition stands

PROFILES for LED Strips See all products

- Provides cooling for powerful LED strips or turns the LED strip into a linear and minimalist luminaire -
An aluminum profile for the LED strip has multiple functions: it ensures cooling (increases the life of the LEDs), converts the strip into a linear luminaire, protects it from dust or shocks and permanently installs the strip on any surface by gripping clamps and screws.


  • Profiles specifically designed for a particular LED strip: Aluflex (Flexible Strip), Alubar (Plug & Play), Alumax (High Power Bars)
  • Flexible mounting with separately sold components: Matt or opaque glass, clamping clamps, end caps or cables

Uses (with the LED strips):

  • Production of small series linear light fixtures
  • General, work or and architectural lighting in homes, offices, shops
  • Lighting from lines of light
  • Commercial lighting for fashion, jewelery, furniture

We also recommend: transformers for LED strips See all products

- a selection from our range of Mean Well professional power supplies for LED strips -

24V Dimmabile Transformers, IP67