Production facility in Germany

Production facility in Germany

At the production facility in Germany we value the highest quality.

Our development engineers design modules and control technology according to your requirements and matched to your applications such as luminaries, inspection machines, status displays, light modules for domestic appliances and many more. In our in-house assembly line, high performance automatic placement machines by Siemens place large and small components in an extremely fast and precise way. The vapour phase soldering machine by the market leader Asscon differs from ordinary convection soldering furnaces by its extraordinarily gentle soldering process under protection gas atmosphere. This prevents oxidation and cold solder joints and improves the thermal connection of component and PCB. This is particularly advantageous for light emitting diodes, whose aging scales with the operating temperature.

The complete production process can be customised to your requirements and is to a large extent automatised. Production lots can be tracked back. accurately to the Bin. This is of particular importance for industrial applications that continually require the same brightness, colour or voltage for a long period of time. As development, procurement of materials, storage and production all take place on our premises, our process chain is cost efficient, traceable and less prone to failure. No module manufactured by us will leave our house without quality control.

Meeting our quality and safety regulations is our utmost priority! Therefore we produce without any poisonous substances and always work with ESD protective clothes and on ESD surfaces in the production area.

We are a partner you can rely on. Our production facility is certified for quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. From respect for the environment it is also certified in environmental management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. Furthermore, we commit ourselves not to use any component or substances hazardous to health or the environment in our products.

               ISO9001 quality management system

ISO 9001 quality management system.

                         OHSAS 18000 health and safety management system.

OHSAS 18000 health and safety management system.

                    ISO 14001 Environment Management System

ISO 14001 Environment Management System 

Meet the production line.

Unequalled state-of-the-art production

Production facility in Germany

Our ISO-certified production line has been tailored specifically to the requirements of assemblies with LED technology. Nearly one million components can be processed per day in the production line.

The entire process is flexibly adaptable to the requirements and batch sizes of our customers and runs fully automatically. 

  • State-of-the-art machinery with the latest technology
  • Production of circuit boards with lengths of up to 600 mm
  • Traceability thanks to laser bar codes
  • Maximum process safety with fully automated processing
  • ISO certification

Production line step by step showcase

Laser marking station

Laser marking station

Mühlbauer WL 3000 Flying Galvo

The laser marking station applies a consecutive identification or bar code to each platform. This enables permanent and tamper-proof traceability and can be integrated into your quality assurance chain. Individual texts or data such as BIN, date of production or item number can be applied.

  • Individual marking for FR4 and aluminum circuit boards
  • Enables traceability and facilitates quality assurance
  • Saves costs in comparison with labeling

Laser marking station Nichia production line

Solder paste printer

Solder paste printer


More than half of all defective soldering points can be traced back to the paste application. The fully automated solder paste printer from market leader DEK is the basis of high process reliability. With the Hawk-EYE paste inspection, it can be verified with a precision of within a few µm whether the soldering paste is present and was applied precisely.

  • Process-secure printing process for optimal soldering results
  • Cycle time of only a few seconds
  • The latest technology from market leader DEK

Solder paste printer Nichia production line

Automatic mounting machine

Automatic mounting machine


The SIPLACE D2i is the centrepiece of production and offers the latest mounting technology available on the market. It processes over 30,000 components per hour. An upstream scanning system records the serial number of the assembly and the data of the parts to be mounted. Therefore, permanent tracing can determine which component was mounted on which circuit board and when. This is a basic requirement for a traceability system required in applications such as the automotive sector.

  • Complete traceability of all production data
  • Visioning system recognizing twisting, breaks, incorrect position, etc.
  • Low mounting costs with high delivery rates and reliability

Automatic mounting machine Nichia module production line

Vapour phase soldering line

Vapor phase soldering line


The vapor phase soldering line offers major advantages over conventional systems. The components are heated up much more gently and consistently in an inert gas atmosphere than in convection ovens. The result is a reliable and optimized soldering pattern with minimal thermal stress. The system also requires less solder, which prevents formation of solder beads, saves money and improves the thermal connection of components to the circuit board.

  • Reduces the risk of cold solder points, bubbles and solder beads
  • Consistent solder pattern
  • Low stress and better thermal connection of components

Vapour phase soldering line Nichia module production

Automatic optical 3D inspection

Automatic optical 3D inspection


Errors can in serial production can be found and sorted out with the 3D-AOI system. Components that are missing or incorrectly mounted, twisted and offset, and contaminated can be reliably recognized. The 4-way projection technology enables the best possible measurement coverage for high resolution.

  • World-leading 3D measurement and inspection from KohYoung
  • Errors are identified and visualised – The causes are found quickly
  • Continuous process monitoring

Automatic optical 3D inspection Nichia module production

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