Payment data security

We put high value on security and for this reason payment data security is our top priority. 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of industry-mandated requirements that apply to any business that handles, processes, or stores credit cards, regardless of the business's size or location.
Our website accepts payment with debit and credit card and is PCI compliant, as all data is handled and stored on the Paypal payment server.

What is Paypal?

Fueled by a fundamental belief that having access to financial services creates opportunity, PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. Our open digital payments platform gives PayPal’s 203 million active account holders the confidence to connect and transact in new and powerful ways, whether they are online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person. Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid. Available in more than 200 markets around the world, the PayPal platform enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.

How does the payment process work?

When you order products in our shop and choose to pay with debit/credit card the fields to input the payment data appear at checkout.  The data you submit is not transmitted to the Ledrise server or stored on it. 

Instead all payment data, it is encrypted and sent to the Paypal Server.

The Server then contacts your issuing bank for the Authorisation and Capture of the payment. It then transmits the result of this process to our server, which can be “Payment approved” or “Payment declined” with details about the denial reason. If payment is approved your order is recorded in our system and cleared for delivery.

How credit card data for a customer account is stored?

Ledrise does not store your credit card data. 

Alternatively you can pay for your purchase using a Paypal Account.

Paypal can act as a secure interface between you, your bank and the online merchants.This is called an electronic wallet that is loaded from your credit/debit card or bank account. The walled can also store your delivery data that can be transfered to our shop or others that accept Paypal Express Checkout.  Paypal also offers high buyer protection as it can  handle customer complaints and facilitate refunds. 

Via the PCI-DSS complaint payment gateway, our customers from Europe can pay with Apple Pay and also with their 3D secure enabled Visa or Mastercard bank or credit cards. Upon choosing this payment, the visitor is takeing to the website to input the payment details and complete the 3D secure check (if enabled by the card issuing bank).
TIf you have more questions, contact us or check our customer service section.

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