Warranty Terms and Conditions

All products purchased have a FREE warranty included in the price. The warranty varies for each product, from 1 to 5 years, and it is specified at product details. Warranty is offered according to European Union Law and includes:

  • We will refund* the cost of returning the broken product to us in Germany (Haigerlocher Str. 42, 72379 Hechingen) or Romania (Theodor Sperantia 123, Bucharest 030933)
  • We will support* the cost of shipping the product back to you
  • We will replace* the defective item at no charge or refund its value
  • It can take up to 30 days to send a replacement item back to you.
  • You can choose between replacement or refund.
  • If the shipping cost(s) are almost as high or higher than the value of the items(s) we will choose to refund the value instead. We will also choose to issue a refund if the product is no longer available or it takes more than 30 days to replace it

*only if the cause of the malfunction is based on product design or its quality and the product is therefore covered by warranty


What to do if you have a warranty claim:

E-mail us at [email protected] and tell us the problem with the product(s). Kindly provide us with proofs below:

  • The photos or video of the defective item(s)
  • The photos or video showing the malfunction of the defective item(s)

You shall return the product/products after receiving our approval and instructions regarding the return process.

Before making a warranty claim, you have to consider: LEDs or LED products can malfunction also from external reasons like: installation, wiring, forward voltage or current, power supply or environmental conditions (temperature, humidity).

Installation guidelines:

The following guidelines must be respected when using or installing a LED or LED product:

  • All manufacturer instructions, guidelines and operating conditions must be met. This information can be found either in our shop, on the manufacturer web page or in the product packing

  • Care must be taken concerning static electricity, which can severely damage LED's

  • If installation requires soldering, please respect the lead conditions

  • Don't use force or use improper tools for installation or transport

  • Operating forward current and voltage must be within the values specified on our website or in the manufacturer's datasheet.

  • Precaution must be taken when driving an LED near to its maximum current or voltage. A LED in overdrive produces much more heat which must be dissipated efficiently otherwise the LED will be destroyed, or the lifetime shortened (the same thing happens when you overclock a CPU or graphics card)

  • Even at normal current or voltage, running temperature, junction temperature (inside the LED) and ambient temperature is important because too much heat can damage the LED. Ambient and running temperature are the easiest to manage. If running temperature is more than 40°C or ambient more than 25°C extra cooling must be used.

  • Cooling methods can be: installation in ventilated places, use of heat dissipation materials as aluminum or copper pcbs, cases or heat sinks coupled with thermal paste, adhesives or cooling fans.

  • Exposure to water or humidity is within the levels accepted by the product. Single LED's are not waterproof, nor water-resistant. Although their operating voltage and current doesn't raise any risk for safety (valid for 2-24 V range) continuous exposure to water or humidity can produce oxidation and malfunction. Valid also for LED products that have no water resistance (no IP rating), low operating voltage (max 24V) or are labeled for indoor use.

  • Products functioning at 110V or above MUST NOT be exposed to water or humidity both indoors or outdoors UNLESS they are rated for outdoor use and have at least IP65 protection grade. Failure to respect this condition can lead to severe product damage, fire, property damage, injury or even death

  • Don't touch, install or manipulate a product running at 110V or above while voltage is on

  • A product should not be modified or repaired without our approval

  • If a discrepancy exists between the info in our shop and that found in the producer datasheet, the datasheet shall always be considered to be right.

If you think that any of the conditions above are not clear or difficult to respect, please contact us before installation or purchase. If the product is damaged because they are not respected we will offer our assistance in diagnosing or fixing the problem, but we will not replace the product on warranty.


The commercial guarantee offered does not cover any of the cases below:

  • Damage to the products due to their use at parameters exceeding those specified in the product description on our website or the manufacturer's website, on the packaging, or in their technical data sheet (installation instructions, voltage, current, temperature, degree of protection, etc.). If the technical data sheet of the product does not exist on our website due to an error, the validity of this data sheet is not cancelled;

  • Breakage, damage, breakdown of the products during transport by courier, unless there is a report of the damaged delivery on receipt of the parcel. In the absence of this document Ledrise reserves the right to refuse to repair/replace the products.

  • Intensive use for commercial or business applications of LED lighting products intended for residential applications. Examples: economy LED strips, festive lighting, LED lamps and fixtures (except those mentioned for commercial use).

  • Differences in hue within a batch of products or from batch to batch. Shade differences are an intrinsic feature of LED technology that can be minimized only at additional cost and at the customer's express request. If you wish to receive products with minimal shade differences, please inform us in writing when placing your order. Depending on the product, stock we will inform you if this is possible, the delivery time and if an additional cost applies. Any claim or request made after the order has been placed is not valid, products will not be exchanged under guarantee if they have different shades;

  • Spotlight imperfections for LEDs, LED flashlights, spotlights, bulbs, lamps;

    manufacturing imperfections of the product housing, if they do not affect its functionality (except visible parts for LED lamps);

  • Normal wear and tear of the product, including dimming up to L50.

  • Use for more than 6 hours per day of products intended for household use. The scope of use is as specified by the manufacturer in the technical data sheet or on its website. This category includes LED bulbs, LED strips, etc.

  • Consumables (products that are periodically replaced during the lifetime of the product) such as batteries;

  • Inappropriate uses, beyond the technical limits of the products including power supply at a different voltage or current than specified, use in a wet environment for non-water-protected products, use in extreme temperature environments exceeding the limits of the product's technical specifications, etc;

  • Damage to products due to use with other products not marketed by our company - voltage supplies (for LED strips), constant current supplies (for high power LEDs), controllers (for RGB products);

  • Adjustments or modifications not previously approved by us in writing;

  • Repair or attempted repair by a person not authorised by us;

  • Installation of LED products by persons not qualified in the electrical or electronic field. Qualified persons: licensed electrician, electronic engineer.

  • Negligence in the installation, handling or use of the products;

  • Faults caused by incorrect installation, accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, inadequate ventilation, radiation, electrostatic discharge, other mechanical forces;

  • Non-functional segments of an LED strip immediately after installation. In order to benefit from the warranty in case of burnt segments for a newly delivered LED strip, the customer is obliged to test the functionality of the LED strips before installation and inform us if there are any defects. LED strip with non-functional segments at first lighting after installation is considered damaged by incorrect installation/handling and is not covered by the warranty.   

  • Decrease in LED brightness over time. LEDs by definition lose brightness over time, the percentage and duration depending on the construction and quality of materials used.

  • Use of a soldering gun without temperature control for soldering SMD, 3mm, 5mm, Superflux, etc. LEDs and wires to LED strips. Maximum condition: 300C for 5 seconds


Manufacturer Warranty

According to EU Law all products also have a manufacturer warranty in your own country. You may also choose to resolve a warranty issue there. We will be happy to assist you in this process.

Please refer to the manufacturer or publisher's website or contact them for further assistance.
Generally, products re-sold by Ledrise are subject to the manufacturers' warranty that may change based on their requirements. 

Warranty claim for products damaged in transit

Warranty claims for products that arrive damaged in transit are only accepted if made in the same day as receiving of the parcel. If the claim is accepted, a replacement product or a full/partial refund will be made, depending on the case.