Nichia Vitasolis Enhanced White LEDs

Nichia Vitasolis, Enhanced White LEDs for Human Centric Lighting

Nichia Viasolis LEDs: 757 series 3030 package
Nichia 757 Vitasolis: supports circadian rhythm, helps reducing tiredness and stress and increases work efficiency.

The new Vitasolis™ technology from Nichia are LED light sources with spectrum meant to stimulate activity. 

 This development in based on recent research that has revealed in detail the relationship between light and human behavior. Humans can recognize the brightness and color of light while human circadian rhythms can be affected by different wavelengths, especially the blue-green area. For example, lighting has an effect on the level of activity throughout the day, including wake up in the morning, daytime activities, and nighttime sleep aids.

 Vitasolis has a very natural white light and its spectrum contains more energy in the blue-green region, which helps control the human circadian rhythm. The spectral distribution of Vitasolis clearly illuminates the object while maintaining high light efficiency.

Based on these studies, to create true human centric lighting, Nichia proposes Vitasolis. Despite the enhanced cyan energy, Nichia utilizes its experience in spectral control and phosphor technologies to enable a natural white color.

Collaborative research between Nichia and Shinshu University in Nagano, Japan has found a tendency that people working in a room lit with the Vitasolis spectrum experienced reduced tiredness and stress, and an increase in work efficiency in terms of psychology and physiology.

The benefits of the Vitasolis technology provide a great opportunity for use in offices, schools, hospitals, and other locations that can benefit from improving circadian rhythm.

Nichia envisions manufacturers combining Vitasolis into IoT systems and providing suitable lighting based on the time of day and desired environment. Nichia is confident that Vitasolis will truly enable the ideal human centric lighting experience.

The Vitasolis LEDs from Nichia are available in 3030 package (the 757 series).

Applications for Nichia Optisolis LEDs:

  • Human Centric lighting in offices, schools and hospitals.