LumiFlex3098+ SunLike CRI98+ LED Strips (1800 lm/m)

Flexible Professional Strip LumiFlex3098+ LED Toshiba-SSC SunLike TRI-R CRI98+, luminous flux up to 1800 lm / m

SunLike LED strips with CRI97+ and light output up to 1800 lm / m
Sunlike LED strips with light spectrum like natural light

Toshiba-SSC's innovative SunLike TRI-R technology transforms the LED into a natural light source that closely resembles the solar spectrum. With this technology, all colors appear as vibrant and true-to-life as they do under natural sunlight. This has applications in a variety of fields, including health, fashion, art, interior design, and more.

The Importance of Natural Light Spectrum

A light spectrum that closely mimics natural sunlight not only contributes to a sense of well-being but also helps enhance productivity. Accurate color representation is vital in fields such as:

  • Healthcare: Proper lighting helps medical professionals make accurate assessments.

  • Fashion: Designers can see fabrics and colors as they appear in natural light.

  • Art and Interior Design: Artists and designers can work with a true representation of colors.

The SunLike LED spectrum illuminates colors just like natural light

The SunLike TRI-R Technology's Health Benefits

The spectrum of blue light in a light source can affect our health. Studies have shown that excessive blue light can interfere with sleep and even cause migraines. Standard LEDs often have a high intensity of blue light, but the SunLike TRI-R LEDs are designed to reduce this effect.


Blue light: difference between SunLike Tri-R LED and Standard

Product Features: LumiFlex3098+ SunLike LED Strips

These LED strips provide a beautiful natural light source and can be installed easily over long distances:

  • LEDs: 140 Toshiba-SSC SunLike TRI-R LEDs per meter.

  • Brightness: Over 1700 lm (equivalent to 150W) at a consumption of only 19.2 watts.

  • Convenience: Delivered in 5-meter rolls with adhesive backing for easy application.

  • Longevity: A lifespan of over 36,000 hours.

  • Warranty: 5 years, ensuring investment security.


SunLike strips are suitable for various lighting needs in both professional and domestic settings:

  • Retail and Display Lighting: Ideal for clothing, decorations, jewelry, museums, art galleries, and more.

  • Home Use: Perfect for daily lighting via light coves or worktop lighting in kitchen countertops.

  • Professional Environments: Suitable for long-lasting general lighting in shops, offices, TV studios, medical clinics, and theaters.

  • Architectural and Design Applications: Can be used in constructing linear luminaires or SunLike LED panels.


Professional Flexible LED Strip LumiFlex3098+ SunLike Tri-R

LumiFlex SunLike Tri-R LED Strip Documentation

Toshiba's TRI-R LED Technology Catalog

The SunLike TRI-R LED Datasheet

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The SunLike quality difference

Operele de arta au foarte mult de castigat atunci cand sunt iluminat cu LED-uri SunLike. Culorile arata asa cum pictorul a dorit.

Artworks and other visual displays benefit greatly from SunLike LEDs, enhancing colors as the painter intended. The key to this transformative lighting solution lies in the collaboration between two industry giants: Toshiba and Seoul Semiconductor.

Toshiba, a renowned Japanese conglomerate with over a century of experience, specializes in semiconductors, electronics, and hardware. With almost 20,000 employees and an annual turnover of 40 billion USD, Toshiba has innovated the TRI-R technology, crafting the LED chips used in SunLike LEDs by Seoul Semiconductor from South Korea.

Seoul Semiconductor (SSC), a top-tier LED maker, boasts over 27 years of expertise and ranks among the top 10 global producers with annual LED diode sales exceeding $1 billion.

We are experts in high-performance LED light solutions, possessing extensive application knowledge from various sectors due to our pioneering role in the early success of LEDs. Since 2010, we've manufactured LED strips at our cutting-edge German facility, tailored specifically to customer specifications, for wide-ranging applications.

The superior quality and performance of a LumiBar3098 with SunLike LED strips in comparison to common budget LEDs are evident from the initial illumination, with the disparity growing more pronounced over time.


1) Excellent color fidelity

SunLike LEDs are renowned for their high scores in the color rendering index (CRI) and color quality (CQS). Thanks to the TRI-R technology's inclusion of the full color spectrum, SunLike LEDs enable accurate evaluation of various shades and reflections—be it clothing, artwork, gold, or skin tones.


2) Color rendering index (CRI) and color quality (CQS) near the maximum possible

The continuous color spectrum provided by TRI-R allows SunLike LEDs to achieve CRI (98+) and CQS (Qa96) values close to a perfect 100. Thus, objects illuminated by SunLike LEDs possess brightness and shade akin to natural sunlight.


SunLike LED light quality is close to natural light

3) Higher contrast

Human vision is influenced by many factors, including the blue light proportion in white light. Blue light scatters more than yellow or red, explaining the blue sky. TRI-R technology minimizes blue content in LED light, enhancing contrast and improving visual performance with SunLike LED lighting.


4) The light output level is maintained for a long time

After 6,000 hours of operation, SunLike LEDs preserve 96% of their initial brightness, while low-cost LEDs lose up to 60% of their original brilliance. This distinction stems from the quality of materials and construction. The results are backed by 6,000-hour tests (LM-80 standard) and TM-21 methodology calculations.


5) The SunLike LEDs have a sorted, stable shade of white light

On a LumiBar3098 module, all SunLike LEDs exhibit the same white light shade across all strips, maintaining that shade even in future orders. This consistency is achieved through the 3 Macadam Ellipse sorting standard. Cheap LEDs, on the other hand, can show varying shades and may change hue after only a few thousand hours.



6) The SunLike LED is more energy efficient

SunLike LEDs exhibit exceptional light efficacy (over 120 lumens per watt) for a high CRI LED, in stark contrast to a low-cost LED's 50 lumens per watt. One meter of LumiBar3098+  is as bright as three meters of a 14.4W/m strip with inexpensive LEDs, and this gap widens after 6,000 hours due to the degradation of the latter's luminous flux.

The SunLike LED represents a revolutionary step in lighting technology, providing benefits that extend from energy efficiency to color fidelity. These innovations reflect our commitment to offering superior products that meet the evolving needs of our diverse clientele.



Accessories for LED strips

SunLike strips can be combined with profiles to deliver linear SunLike luminaires with minimalist design. The quality of the materials and finishing of the profiles in our offer is the highest, being destined for the German market. The profile protects the strip from dust, mechanical shocks and provides cooling for longer and longer life. 

Aluflex low hight profile for Lumiflex LED Strips

Aluflex low hight profile with fins for Lumiflex LED Strips

Aluflex deep profile for Lumiflex LED Strips

Aluflex deep profile with fins for Lumiflex LED Strips

Aluflex profile round for Lumiflex LED strips

Aluflex profile corner for Lumiflex LED strips

Aluflex profile corner type 2 for Lumiflex LED strips

Universal plastic covers for Aluflex profiles

Transformers recommended for Lumiflex LED strips