SunLike Natural Spectrum LEDs reveal the true color and depth of artistic works

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series with TRI-R technology are true natural spectrum LEDs, as they produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight. This is made possible by using a new LED architecture, with a purple emitter in combination with a red, green, and blue (RGB) phosphor mix, unlike conventional white LED that use a blue emitter and yellow phosphor. 

Spectra comparison Sunlike LEDs, sunlight, ordinary LEDs, fluorescent light

This new approach to full spectrum LED lighting has the effect of accurate rendering of colors, almost as daylight, with the added benefit of increased awareness of contrast and texture.

Sunlike LEDs will make art have the same colors and contrast as under sunlight

The high quality of the SunLike LEDs light spectrum is expressed also by the traditional color rendering index (CRI) and the new Color Fidelity Index. Therefore, SunLike LEDs have CRI 97+ and  Rf 96(TM30 Fidelity Index), values that indicate the high accuracy of reproducing the original color from 99 representative color indexes.

SunLike TM-30 Color Fidelity Score


With the unique quality of the light spectrum, SunLike LED fixtures are perfect for lighting art, such as paintings, frescoes, mosaics, sculptures and many other exhibits. We will soon see art in many museums or historic places around the world in a new light.

SunLike LEDs reveal more color and depth at the murals in the ruins of Pompeii

The uniform spectral power distribution enabled by a three-phosphor mix of the SunLike LEDs now render the ancient murals naturally, ensuring that visitors will fully experience the display’s color and texture.

 Lighting Pompeii with SunLike LEDs

Uniform spectral power distribution enabled by a three-phosphor mix render ancient murals naturally, ensuring that visitors will fully experience the display’s color and texture.

Seoul says the custom SSL lights, based on  SunLike LEDs, reveal more color and depth at the murals in the ruins of Pompeii. As the name implies, the intention of the LED technology is to make objects appear as if they were being illuminated by natural sunlight.

Seoul notes that the SunLike LEDs deliver 97-plus rating for CRI, Rf and also CQS with the CQS scores implying that the human eye can perceive both bold saturated and subtle colors.

In the case of the Pompeii ruins, the SPD and superior color rendering of SunLike mean the visitors will see colors accurately. Moreover, the packaged LEDs result in a high contrast ratio that means viewers can better perceive depth — and therefore the texture — in the murals.

Grevin Museum in Paris installs lights based on Seoul SunLike LEDs

Famed Paris wax museum is now lighting the figures ranging from celebrities to scientists with 97-CRI SunLike LEDs, thereby enabling visitors to experience vivid colors and subtle details of the art works. The light output of the new fixtures results in a more lifelike appearance of the figures which visitors will experience as more realistic color tones relative to the prior lighting. Plus, the lack of a blue peak from the new lighting system eliminates scattered reflections and glare.


 Lighting Grevin Museum with SunLike LEDs

A museum lighting installation at the Grevin in Paris brings high-quality illumination to wax exhibits via lights that rely on Seoul Semiconductor's SunLike LED technology. (Photo credit: Image courtesy of Seoul Semiconductor.)

The Grevin Museum is located on Boulevard Montmartre. The exhibits range from famed scientist Albert Einstein to deceased celebrities such as Michael Jackson to current entertainers such as Katy Perry.

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