PowerBar4090 Power LED Strips with lens system (9000 lm/m)

Professional PowerBar4090 LED modules, up to 11.000 lm / m, white, color and UV light

PowerBar, compact and extremely bright modules
Compact but powerful, the PowerBar LED modules are perfect for plant growth

Illuminate with Precision: The PowerBar V3 Modules

Overview: Compactness meets power in the PowerBar V3 Modules. Tailored for high-intensity requirements, these modules cater to diverse applications, from facilitating plant growth and aiding medical procedures to defining architectural marvels.

Key Features of PowerBar V3 Modules:

  1. Compact Design: At just 28 cm in length, they are designed for maximum brightness within a minimal space.

  2. Customizable Segmentation: Each module accommodates 12 high-power LEDs from renowned brands like Osram or Nichia and can be tailored down to individual LEDs.

  3. Diverse Lighting Options: PowerBar offers a spectrum of light choices, including:

    • UV: Harness the power of ultraviolet light with wavelengths at 365nm, 385nm, or 405nm.

    • White: Select from 3000K, 4000K, or 5700K with the Osram Oslon SSL Square LEDs.

    • Color: Dive into the rainbow with options like blue, red, green, yellow, and amber using Osram Oslon SSL 150.

    • Ultra-Red & Infrared: Opt for ultra-red (660nm), hyper-red (730nm), or infrared IR (850nm) backed by Osram Oslon SSL or Oslon Black.

  4. Built for Efficiency: Every PowerBar module is designed to operate consistently at 700mA, ensuring you can easily find a compatible driver.

  5. Supplementary Tools: The modules can be coupled with lens systems, radiators, lenses, and clamps to swiftly construct a linear beam projector.

Guaranteed Performance: Your investment in the PowerBar modules is shielded by a solid 5-year warranty, affirming the quality and durability of the product.

Versatile Applications:

  • Bright & Compact: Perfect for areas requiring condensed yet luminous light fixtures.

  • Green Thumbs Up: Enhance plant growth in horticulture settings.

  • Medical Marvel: Equip medical devices with precision lighting.

  • UV Specialties: Whether for printing, inspection, adhesive curing, or counterfeit checking, UV light has got you covered.

  • Detail Illumination: Ideal for meticulous illumination needs.

  • Showcase Brilliance: Light up display cabinets to spotlight their contents.

  • Architectural Elegance: Illuminate architectural designs, from beams to columns, making them stand out.

The PowerBar V3 Modules aren't just another set of lights; they're a testament to how illumination technology can adapt, evolve, and cater to precise needs. Whether you’re aiming for precision in a medical procedure, boosting plant growth, or making an architectural statement, the PowerBar ensures you have the right light for the job.

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