LumiBar3098+ SunLike TRI-R LED Strips CRI98 (2700 lm/m)

Professional LED Modules with Toshiba-SSC SunLike TRI-R LED CRI98+, Plug & Play Zhaga, flux up to 2700 lm/m

SunLike LED strips: LinearZ with CRI97 + and light output up to 2600 lm / m
SunLike LED strips: LinearZ with light spectrum like natural light for the purest of colors

Experience the Power of Nature with SunLike™ TRI-R™ LEDs

The importance of lighting in our day-to-day activities cannot be overstated. Quality lighting contributes significantly to our overall well-being, productivity, and enjoyment of various activities. This is particularly true in sectors where color accuracy is of utmost importance—like healthcare, fashion, and the arts. With Toshiba-SSC (Seoul Semiconductor)'s groundbreaking SunLike™ TRI-R™ technology, you can now experience the essence of a natural light source, right in the comfort of your indoor spaces.

A Leap Forward in Light Quality

The SunLike™ TRI-R™ LEDs offer an unrivaled quality of light. They render all colors just as vibrantly and accurately as they would appear in natural daylight, ensuring you perceive every color in its truest form. The technology leverages a sophisticated light spectrum that aligns closely with sunlight, contributing not only to our visual satisfaction but also to our overall health and well-being.

The SunLike LED spectrum illuminates colors just like natural light

Prioritizing Eye Health

Conventional LEDs generate white light by coating a blue LED chip with a phosphor layer, thereby producing a high-intensity spectrum of blue light. Numerous scientific studies suggest that excessive blue light can disrupt sleep patterns and even trigger migraines.

In contrast, the SunLike TRI-R 5000K LEDs are designed with an eye towards health, emitting significantly less blue light than their traditional counterparts. The resulting light is brilliant yet gentle, with no reported adverse effects on human health.

Blue light: difference between SunLike Tri-R LED and Standard

Introducing the LumiBar3098+ LED Module

At the heart of this innovation lies the LumiBar3098+ module. This module, a compact and lightweight light source, is equipped with the transformative Toshiba-SSC SunLike™ TRI-R™ LEDs. It is designed in a standard Plug & Play Zhaga format, making it exceptionally easy to fit and replace.

The LumiBar3098+ doesn't just stop at providing a natural spectrum with a remarkable Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 98+; it also promises impressive durability and energy efficiency. With over 36,000 hours of operation, this module offers a minimum light efficacy of 120 lumens per watt—marking it as one of the top-performing mid-power LEDs available today.

A single meter of the LumiBar3098+ module produces an output of over 2600 lumens (comparable to a 250W bulb) at just 24 watts, using only 92 SunLike LEDs. It's a testament to the blend of efficiency and power that defines the LumiBar3098+.

Sizes to Suit Your Needs

The LumiBar3098+ is available in two formats to accommodate a range of lighting applications: 56 and 28 cm and is built in accordance with the Zhaga Book 7 standards, simplifying the maintenance or upgrade process with future LumiBar3098+ LED strips or modules from other manufacturers.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The LumiBar3098+ modules are designed with a user-friendly Plug & Play power system that enables easy wire connections without the need for a soldering gun. Furthermore, the modules employ a constant current design to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

A Safe Investment

With a robust 5-year warranty, your investment in SunLike modules is protected, ensuring you enjoy high-quality, natural spectrum lighting for years to come.

Applications for LumiBar3098+ SunLike LED module:

  • Natural spectrum lighting for clothing, decorations, jewelry, museums, art galleries, hospitals, medical clinics, hairdressing salons
  • Production of compact and very bright luminaires
  • Maintenance or updating of luminaires using standard Zhaga LED modules (Book 7 L56W2 and L28W2)

New 2022 SunLike Tri-R LED modules: LumiBar3098+

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The SunLike quality difference

Artworks have a lot to gain when they are illuminated with SunLike LEDs. Colors look like the painter indended.

Toshiba is a Japanese conglomerate with a history of more than a century, now specialized in semiconductors, electronics and hardware, with nearly 20,000 employees and an annual turnover of 40 billion USD. Toshiba has invented the TRI-R technology and makes the LED chips used in the SunLike LEDs by Seoul Semiconductor from South Korea.

Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) is an LED-maker with more than 27 years of experience, in the top 10 global producers with annual LED diode sales of more than $ 1 billion.

We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced LED strips in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These strips have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

The difference between the quality and performance of a LumiBar3098 with SunLike LED strips and a common LED with budget LEDs is evident from the first light and in time the gap increases even more.


1) Excellent color fidelity

Sunlike LEDs are characterized by very high values in the color rendering index (CRI) and color quality (CQS). Because LEDs with TRI-R technology include the full range of colors such as sunlight, it is possible, for example , correctly evaluate all the colors of a clothing item, artwork, gold with all reflections or even a pale tone of skin.


2) Color rendering index (CRI) and color quality (CQS) near the maximum possible

The continuous color spectrum delivered by the TRI-R makes it possible to reach very high values for CRI (97+) and CQS (Qa96), both close to the 100 possible.

Thus, with the TRI-R LEDs, it is possible for an illuminated object to have the same brightness and shade as the sunlight.

SunLike LED light quality is close to natural light
The objects illuminated with SunLike LEDs have a higher contrast.

3) Higher contrast

How well a person sees depends on many factors, one being the proportion of blue in the white light. Blue light is more diffuse reflected than yellow or red light and this explains why the sky is blue.

Even in the eyes, the blue light is more scattered, and a person perceives this as a glow. With TRI-R technology, the unusually high blue content in the LED light is eliminated, resulting in greater contrast and generally better visual performance at the SunLike LED light.


4) Natural shine at the same intensity for a long time

After 6,000 hours of operation, the SunLike LEDs retain 96% of the initial light output, in contrast a low cost LED loses up to 60% of the initial brilliance in the same time range. The explanation lies in the quality of the materials and the construction of the chip and the LED diode.

The evolution of SunLike LED light output is supported by tests for 6,000 hours, according to the LM-80 standard, and the lifetime (the time when light drops to 80%) is calculated according to TM-21 methodology, both internationally recognized. 


5) Uniform color temperature

On a LumiBar3098 module, all SunLike LEDs have the same shade of white light, just like all LED strips in a delivery. The shade will be kept on a future order, such uniformity being possible due to the 3 Macadam Elipse sorting standard.

In addition, after many hours of operation SunLike LEDs have the same hue as the acquisition.

In contrast, on the cheap module, the LEDs may have more shades or the difference in shade between different reels is significant. The requirement that at the next order the color temperature is as before is impossible to accomplish. The reason is the lack of a post-production sorting standard (a price-increasing standard). Moreover, after just a few thousand hours, each cheap LED on the strip changes its hue, differently.


6) The SunLike LED is more energy efficient

Depending on the technology used, LEDs may have different light output for the same power consumption. The difference in light efficacy (lumens per watt) from one LED to another may even be 500% and has a very high influence on the production price.

The SunLike LEDs have a very good light efficacy for a very high CRI LED, more than 120 lumens per watt. An inexpensive LED with a CRI of less than 70 has around 50 lumens per watt.

In other words, one meter of LumiBar3098 24W is as bright as two meters of 14.4W / m strip with 5050 cheap LEDs (total consumption 28W per meter). After 6,000 hours the LumiBar3098 module will become as bright as nearly four meters of the cheap LED strip due to the degradation of the latter's luminous flux.


Accessories for LED modules

LumiBar3098 LED modules can be combined with profiles to provide compact and powerful luminaires. The quality of the materials and finishing of the profiles in our offer is the highest, these products being destined for the German market. 

With Alumax transform the LumiBar3098 into a luminaire

Constant current transformers