Nichia Optisolis CRI98+ LEDs

Nichia Optisolis, Solar White CRI98+ LEDs

Nichia Optisolis LEDs: 3030 and COB, with CRI98+
LED strips Nichia 757 Optisolis: LinearZ with light spectrum like natural light

The new Optisolis™ technology from Nichia are LED light sources with spectrum closest to the sunlight. All colors are as vibrant and look the same under the indoor light of the Nichia Optisolis LEDs as seen outside, in the sunlight. A natural light spectrum contributes to our well-being, helps us to be more productive and has a major importance in all areas where correct color appreciation is important: health, art, research and more.

The Optisolis family of packaged LEDs are Ultra-High CRI light sources because as they have maximum scores for all 16 of the color samples that are used in the color rendering index metric. The 5000K Nichia NF2L757G-F1 Optisolis LED can even achieve a Ra of 99 out of 100. Similarly, the scores with the new IES TM-30-15 light quality tests are equally high, with Rf at 98 and Rg at 99. 

The new Optisolis technology from Nichia offers a natural light source, with the light spectrum closest to the natural light of all the LEDs on the market.

A contributing factor to our well-being is the low intensity of blue light in the light spectrum of the light source. Standard LEDs emit white light by coating a blue LED chip with a phosphor layer, thus the blue light is quite intense. Studies that have found that too much blue light can affect sleep or cause migraines, making the need for the blue light (including telephones, tablets and TVs) to be reduced at the night.

The Optisolis LEDs use a technology developed by Nichia to produce white light with little blue light in the spectrum, eliminating the negative effects on sleep or health.

This extraordinary result is achieved by using a revolutionary new phosphor technology in combination with a special blue LED chip. The spectrum of the blue chip is 420nm, contains almost no UV emissions and combined with the phosphor technology make possible the above mentioned CRI values. The lack of violet or ultraviolet (UV) spectral energy in the emission and reduced blue light peak are very important aspects in many lighting applications such as  Human Centric Lighting, Museum and Art Gallery Lighting or Horticulture.

New Optisolis technology from Nichia offers a natural light source with less blue than other LEDs.

The Optisolis LEDs from Nichia are available in 3030 package (the 757 series) and COB.

Applications for Nichia Optisolis LEDs:

  • Natural spectrum lighting for clothing stores, decorations, jewelry, museums, art galleries, hospitals, medical clinics, hairdressing salons
  • Human Centric lighting
Nichia Optisolis 19x16 COB LEDs