Conext Plug&Play Nichia LED module USB Power

Professional Conext LED Modules, Click & Play for freedom of shape and color

Nichia Conext modules for light shapes
Compact but powerful, the Conext modules are perfect for special lighting fixtures

With the Click & Play system, Conext modules can be assembled quickly, building light shapes being a child's play.

Express your imagination with ConextPlay modules equipped with white or colored Nichia 757 LEDs, the glowing warm white light ConextMatrix modules or the bright ConextBar bars. Become the architect and builder of your own customized lighting system or integrate Conext modules into luminaires.

The Nichia 757 LEDs ensure that the fruit of your imagination will last more than 100,000 hours and, at the same time, consumes very little energy. The 757 Series is the world's most performing mid-range LED, Japanese manufacturer Nichia being at the same time the world leader in the LED market. Plus, we offer for all modules a 5 years warranty.

You can choose from the following versions of Conext modules the right one for your project:

  • ConextPlay: Click & Play squares with a white, blue, red or green Nichia LED with USB power (5V)
  • ConextMatrix: Click & Play squares with four white LEDs 2700K and CRI90 (118lm or 73,750 lm per square meter) with 24V power supply
  • ConextBar: Click & Play lines with four and twenty  warm white Nichia LEDs 2700K CRI90, very bright (3200 lm per linear meter) with 24V power supply
  • ConextPlay modules have the unique advantage of running with USB power, requiring just a USB power source for 150 modules.

Applications for ConextPlay Nichia LED modules:

  • Construction of light bodies
  • Designer luminaires
  • Illumination in detail
  • Illuminated showcases
  • Unique light shapes and forms
  • Play and Fun with light
Module ConexPlay USB

Corner ConexPlay with max. 150 module power plug

ConexPlay Center 1

ConexPlay center 0

Power Feed for ConextPlay

Module ConexMatrix 4 LEDs warm white CRI90
Module ConextBar LED warm white CRI90

Documentation for ConextPlay modules

Catalog Conext Modules

Nichia 757 LED Technical Data Sheet

Nichia lifetime test: 10.000 hours

The Nichia Quality

 The Japanese company Nichia, the LED maker used on Conext modules, has the world's largest market share (over 25%) and is the inventor of the white and blue LED production technology.

The very long life of Nichia LEDs (minimum 100,000 hours), high operating temperature resistance, much better light output and good light quality are just a few of the attributes that recommend these LED modules for a wide range of applications.

We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced NICHIA LED strips in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These strips have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

The difference between the quality and performance of a Nichia Conext LED module and a common, cheap LED module is evident from the first light and in time the gap increases even more.

1) The luminous flux level is maintained for a long time

After 10,000 hours of operation, a Nichia 757 LED keeps 97% of its first light output, while working at high operating temperatures. In most applications, this translates into an effective 100,000 hours lifetime, after which light flux has fallen by only 30% from initial value.

In contrast, an inexpensive LED loses up to 60% of its initial light output in just 10,000 hours, becoming useless (light too dim) in only 1000-3000 hours.

The light output for the Nichia 757 LEDs is supported by 10,000-hour tests, according to the LM-80 standard, and lifetime (light at 80%) is calculated according to TM-21, both internationally recognized standards.

The evolution of Nichia LED light output compared to an inexpensive LED: after 10,000 hours

2) The Nichia LED is up to 5 times more energy efficient

Depending on the technology used, LEDs may have different light output for the same power consumption. The difference in light efficacy (lumens per watt) from one LED to another may be even more than 500% and has a very high influence on the production price. The Nichia LEDs have the highest light efficacy, of more than 200 lumens per watt compared to an inexpensive LED that has around 50 lumens per watt.

Nichia LEDs are much brighter for the same power consumption

Transformers and drivers recommended for 5-year warranty on ConextBar and ConextMatrix LED modules