FlexOne4080 Samsung LED Strips (1300-3800 lm/m)

Professional FlexOne Samsung LED Strips, can be cut at each LED, light output up to 3800 lm/m

Professional FlexOne Samsung LED Strip
The FlexOne500 Professional LED Tape can be cut to each LED (1cm) and thus used in many projects where other bands are too long

The FlexOne Professional Flexible LED strips have a unique design that allows the LED tape to be divided into segments of one LED, with the shortest possible unit of just 1 cm. Projects that are impossible to achieve with other LED tapes become easy with FlexOne strips.

To further enhance the versatility of this family, Samsung 283B + LEDs are used, with very high light output, of up to 38 lumens per LED. Thus, one meter of FlexOne4080 LED tape has a light output of 3800 lm, being the brightest flexible strips in our offer.

FlexOne is available in 3 variants: FlexOne4080, FlexOne3080 and FlexOne2080.

FlexOne strips are also a great choice for long-lenght projects thanks to the current and voltage stabilization system for each LED. Even at 10 meter length (1000 LEDs), with single-head power, all LEDs will have the same intensity.

These unique attributes, combined with a lifetime of over 60,000 hours, make the FlexOne strips the best choice for projects with atypical lengths or light flux requirements of over 3000 lm / m, for general lighting in homes, offices or commercial spaces.

We offer for the  Samsung FlexOne LED a warranty is 5 year for peace of mind and short investment payback time.

Applications for FlexOne strips:

  • High flux commercial or working lighting (> 3000lm / m)
  • Projects with atypical dimensions
  • Designer luminaires
  • Daily lighting in the house with light cove light or lines of light
  • General lighting with a long service life in shops, offices, TV studios, clinics, clinics or theaters
  • Construction of linear luminaires or LED panels

FlexOne LED strip documentation

Catalog FlexOne flexible LED strips

Samsung LED Datasheet

Samsung lifetime test: 10,000 hours

The FlexOne quality

Samsung, the manufacturer of the LEDs used on the FlexOne strip, is a well-known brand, renowned for the high performance of its products combined with the competitive price.

We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced LED strips in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These strips have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

The difference between the quality and performance of a FlexOne with Samsung LEDs and a low-cost, common LED strip is evident from the first light and in time, the gap increases.

1) High light flow for a long time

The quality of materials and the LED architecture determine how quickly its light output will decrease. As a result, a quality chip and a high-performance LED, such as the Samsung LED, after 10,000 hours keeps 95% of the initial luminous flux. In contrast an inexpensive LED loses up to 60% of the initial power in same interval.

The light output for Samsung LEDs is supported by 10,000-hour tests, according to the LM-80 standard, and lifetime (light at 80%) is calculated according to TM-21 methodology, both internationally recognized.

The evolution of the Samsung LED light flux compared to a cheap LED: after 10,000 hours

2) The Samsung LEDs in a batch have the same shade of white, which they keep in time

On the FlexOne strip, all Samsung LEDs have the same color temperature as all the LED strips in a delivery, the shade can be maintained on a future order. This is possible due to the 3 Macadam Elipse sorting standard.

In contrast, on a cheap strip, the LEDs may have more shades or the difference in shade between two reels can be significant. The requirement that the shade is delivered same in a future order is the same is impossible to accomplish due to the lack of a post production production standard (price-increasing standard). Moreover, after just a few thousand hours, each cheap LED on the strip changes its hue.

A Samsung LED uses the 3 Step Macadam Elipse sorting standard and keeps its shade in time

3) The Samsung LED is up to 7 times lighter

Depending on the technology used, the LEDs may have a different luminous flux. The difference in luminous flux for LEDs of the same size can be even more than 500% and has a very high influence on the production price. Samsung LEDs have a light output, of up to 38 lumens, compared to an inexpensive LED with up to 5 lumens.

In other words, one meter of FlexOne500 strip is as bright as eight meters of the 14.4W / m strip with 5050 cheap LEDs. After 10,000 hours, the FlexOne strip will become as bright as sixteen meters of cheap LEDs, due to the degradation of the latter's luminous flux.

A Samsung LED has up to 7 time the luminous flux of a cheap LED

4) The Samsung LEDs keep their brightness on the full length of the FlexOne LED strip

Each LED on the FlexOne tape uses a current and voltage stabilization system, so it is possible to power 10 meters of the tape (1000 LEDs) from one end without reducing LED light over the strip length.

In contrast, 10 meters of cheap LED strips require 4 or even 8 power points to counteract the decrease in light output.

The Flexone uses a current stabilizer for constant light flux for up 1000 LEDs

Profiles for LED Strips

FlexOne 2080 strips can be combined with profiles to obtain linear luminaires with high flux and minimalist design. The quality of the materials and finishing of the profiles in our offer is the highest, being destined for the German market. The profile protects the strip from dust, mechanical shocks and provides cooling for longer and longer life.