Cree XP-G3 R5 warm white PCB (Star) 2700K 646lm at 2000mA

Cree XP-G3 R5 warm white PCB (Star) 2700K 646lm at 2000mA

Cree XP-G3 R5 warm white PCB (Star) 2700K 646lm at 2000mA
Cree XP-G3 R5 warm white PCB (Star) 2700K 646lm at 2000mA

Cree XP-G3 R5 warm white PCB (Star) 2700K 646lm at 2000mA

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Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, especially for high power and chip on board LEDs. Cree is uniquely positioned to innovate new ways in which lighting will serve as a platform for emerging technologies and capabilities that will enrich lives, improve society and safeguard our planet.                  

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With our PCB LED modules you can easily harness the power of the high performance Cree LED for your application, without the need for reflow soldering or a sophisticated soldering station. The PCB is made in Germany and has the highest quality, ensuring the best heat transfer and the longest LED lifetime. Solder pads are easy to connect with the basic soldering iron.  The PCB LED is great for small projects, rapid prototyping or custom builds.

Cree's XLamp XP-G3 LEDs are the most efficient and reliable LEDs on the XP-G platform. These LEDs meet the stringent requirements of the DLC classification in terms of efficiency and maintaining lumen output. The XP-G3 features SC5 technology for even greater reliability at high operating temperatures. The LEDs are suitable for a variety of applications, from directional lighting, high luminous efficacy applications, indoor and outdoor lighting, to portable and retrofit lighting applications. The XP-G3 are housed in the proven 3.45mm x 3.45mm housing, allowing lighting manufacturers a simplified design process.


  • SC5 platform
  • 85°C Binning
  • maximum operating current 2000mA
  • Low thermal resistance: 3°C/W
  • Forward beam angle: 125°
  • reflowable
  • Long-lasting


  • Directional lighting
  • Retrofit
  • interior and exterior lighting
  • High luminous efficacy lighting

Application areas

  • Retrofit lamps
  • Lights
  • Flashlights
Technical Data
SKU 68495
Weight brut (g) 0.000000
LED Size 3.45x3.45 mm
LED Family Cree XP-G3
LED Application Spotlight, Downlight, High Bay, Par Lamp, Street Light, Flood Light
LED Installation Package Star PCB
Color Warm White
Viewing Angle 125°
Luminous Flux Typ (lm) 139
Forward Current Typ 350 ma
Forward Voltage Typ (V) 2.73
Power (W) 0.96
Forward Current Max 2000mA
Luminous Flux Max (lm) 646
Power Max. (W) 6.2
Product lifetime (h) 60000
Efficacy (lm per W) 145
Manufacturer Product Code 68495
Manufacturer Cree
Availability beyond shown stock: YES
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