Nichia NVSLE21AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) 267lm 3000K

Nichia NVSLE21AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) 267lm 3000K

Nichia NVSLE21AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) 267lm 3000K
Nichia NVSLE21AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) 267lm 3000K Nichia NVSLE21AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) 267lm 3000K

Nichia NVSLE21AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) 267lm 3000K

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With 24% global market share, Nichia is the largest LED manufacturer in the world and inventor of the blue (and also white) light emitting diode. The innovative Nichia research department is a pioneer when it comes to durability, brightness and efficiency, reaching new records on a regular basis. 

Lumitronix is the official Nichia distributor in Europe and is the exclusive online sales platform for all Nichia LEDs from Lumitronix.  We order them directly from Nichia, Japan and ship from Germany to you.


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With our PCB LED modules you can easily harness the power of the high performance Nichia LED for your application, without the need for reflow soldering or a sophisticated soldering station. The 10x10mm square PCB is made in Germany and has the highest quality, ensuring the best heat transfer and the longest LED lifetime. Solder pads are easy to connect with the basic soldering iron.  The PCB LED is great for small projects, rapid prototyping or custom builds.

The Nichia direct mountable, packageless, chip scale LEDs can be used in general lighting via conventional SMT and reflow processes. Nichia's Direct Mountable Chip, also known as "Flip Chip", achieves the highest flux density level in the LED industry. Designs can range from a single to a clustered approach. Infinite possibilities are now available.


  • 1- 3W High-Power packageless, chip scale LEDs
  • Square package with two versions 1.7x1.7mm and 2.1x2.1mm
  • Various color temperatures available
  • With 3 SDCM (standard deviation of color matching) as standard, 5 or 7 SDCM optional
  • Individual and flexible use

Color temperature options

  • 3 SDCM offered as standard
  • Center bin at extra cost

Application areas

  • LED spot light
  • LED high bay and downlights
  • LED street light

Delivery and price rules:

  • Available in Emitter form or with PCB for easy installation
  • Price for 1 pcs valid up to one full reel
  • Price for one reel valid up to 5 reels
  • For more than 5 reels inquire for price
Technical Data
SKU 65506
Weight brut (g) 1.000000
LED Size 2.1x2.1 mm
LED Family Nichia E21A Series
LED Application Spotlight, Downlight, High Bay, Par Lamp, Street Light, Flood Light
LED Installation Package 1x1 cm PCB
Color Warm White
Color Temperature 3000K
Color Rendering Index 80
Viewing Angle 120°
Luminous Flux Typ (lm) 267
Forward Current Typ 700ma
Forward Voltage Typ (V) 3
Power (W) 2.1
Forward Current Max 1400mA
Power Max. (W) 4.48
Efficacy (lm per W) 128
Manufacturer Product Code NVSLE21AT sm303/D240-D260/L12-M21/R8000
Brand Nichia
Availability beyond shown stock: YES
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