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High Temperature and LED performance & quality: what you need to know

To the surprise of many, in the case of LED technology heat is the greatest enemy. From the LED chip to related products such as LED lamps, modules and fixtures, all  have a major issue with high temperature. It brings imminent mechanical failure or significant drop of performance. How the LED behaves when subjected to higher operating temperatures is directly related to the LED quality. High quality LED (such as Nichia or Cree) will function within parameters and high temperatures, while low quality LEDs will break down, change their color, loose brightness or a combination.

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LED quality and heat management: why operating temperature is so important

Getting the most from a product based on LED technology can be somewhat similar with aiming to obtain the maximum advertised speed of a internet connection subscription.  For example, a 8000 Mbs internet subscription will seldom provide actual 8000 Mbs download speeds.  The best network equipment, a high end computer  and speed guarantee by the internet provider are usually required.

Similarly there can be substantial differences between the advertised and actual performance of a LED based product. The principal factors are the LED design and heat management, how much of the heat generated while in operation is channeled away.

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