BackMatrix Nichia LED modules for light boxes, advertising and illuminated ceilings.

Bright light for large areas.

The powerful BackMatrix LED modules are designed to provide optimum illumination to large areas. Luminous ceilings, walls or 3D elements will have a uniform lighting in color and intensity, with high spectrum quality and sufficient brightness.

Optimum illumination in guaranteed by using high performance Nichia LEDs that deliver up 37.500 lumens per square meter. For freedom of design the modules are available in three versions with various options involving viewing angle, color temperature and brightness.

BackMatrix 49 Pro will easily deliver in projects with the higher standards. The Nichia 757 LEDs can be adjusted with 3 levels of brightness via onboard switch, from an enormous value of 37500 lumens per square meter to a relaxed 13.700 lumens. Even at the highest setting the module does not require cooling and comes with a 5 years warranty.  

Highest efficiency 757 LEDs, with 180 lumens per watt, and top light quality , CRI 90+, can be used on request.

The Back Matrix Tunable White adds an important feature to lighting, the control of the shade of white. With the freedom to adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K the ambient lighting can be in tune with the natural light.  Known as Human Centric Lighting, this way to provide illumination has been found to increase well-being and the ability to concentrate at home, work or in schools.  

Equally important is the use of the latest LED technology, the Chip Scale Packaged LEDs from Nichia the leading manufacturer by performance. The new LEDs offer a unique viewing angle of 180° degrees thus Human Centric Lighting ca be added to luminous elements with a depth of only 30mm.

Residential spaces which typically have lower ceilings are easier to illuminate with stretched ceilings back-lit with 180 degree Nichia LEDs.

With the BackMatrix 49 large light surfaces can be obtained at small cost due to the wave-board design and the use of same  Chip Scale Packaged LEDs from Nichia the leading manufacturer by performance.

The BackMatrix modules are very easy to install and cooling is not required.

Each matrix has an connector with insulation displacement making soldering for electric connection unnecessary. Contact from module to module can be made using a single standard cable , very long cable lengths being made possible.

All the Nichia LEDs used for the BackMatrix module have at least 42.800 hours L70 lifetime in hot working conditions. However, most users will see a lifetime of at least 60.000 hours.


LEDs are color sorted up to a 3 step MacAdam Ellipse which guarantees color uniformity at installation and problems free extending of the lighting system or servicing  parts of it.

We can offer the LED modules in numerous color temperature choices with 85+ and 90+ color rendering, ensuring that the light will have a similar look and functionality with daylight.

2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K with CRI 80+  are available from stock. The other color temperatures  are project based options.


The LED BackMatrix Nichia family has 3 to 5 years warranty. Contact us for a personalized offer. For small projects you can place an order via our shop.