Nichia Optisolis LEDs light art museums across Germany and Japan

Nichia Optisolis LEDs light art museums across Germany and Japan

The innovative Optisolis LEDs from Nichia have a light spectrum that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight.

The extraordinary result is achieved by using a revolutionary new phosphor technology and special blue LED chip. The spectrum of the 420nm blue chip contains almost no UV emissions and in combination with the phosphor achieves a CRI value of 98+, an ultrahigh number considering sunlight has CRI 100.

The Nichia Optisolis LEDs high quality of light renders colors accurately and adds the benefit of increased awareness of contrast and texture. In combination with their very low UV emissions, Optisolis light fixtures and LED strips are particularly suitable for use in museums and art galleries where the highest possible CRI value is preferred without damaging the valuable works of art with UV rays.

Many museums in Germany have implemented the Nichia Optisolis lighting, among them: Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz and the Picasso Museum in Münster.

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen: LED lighting (left) and Optisolis LEDs by Nichia / Lumitronix (right)
The difference between the previous lighting system, with CRI80 LEDs (LEFT) and the new Nichia Optisolis CRI98+ (RIGHT) is clearly visible in the case of the paintings housed in the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
Visitors can for the first time appreciate the true colors and textures of the unique works by Picasso in the Picasso Museum Münster. The difference between the new lighting system, with Nichia Optisolis LEDs to the LEFT and the previous with usual CRI 80 LEDs to the RIGHT is clear.
Ludwig Museum Koblenz Nichia Optisolis (LEFT) compared with previous LED (RIGHT)
Nichia Optisolis LEDs also bring forth the bold, full color of paintings in the Ludwig Museum Koblenz (Optisolis light system to the LEFT, previous LED lighting system to the RIGHT)
Visitors at the Otsuka Museum of Art, located in Naruto City, Japan, now can also experience the vivid tones and finer details of the displayed artwork through the illumination with light fixtures using Optisolis. The displayed artwork now has high fidelity and naturalness before only possible to obtain with natural light. 
The Otsuka Museum of Art showcases ceramic reproductions of famous artworks and is the largest permanent exhibition in Japan. Visitors can admire over one thousand reproductions of priceless Western artworks, from ancient frescoes to modern paintings. 
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