Nichia Performer LED Strips for optimum cove lighting results

Our Nichia Performer Flexible LED Strip is designed for projects involving cove, case or shelf lighting and architectural back-lighting. It uses Mid-Power LEDs with the highest performance on the market as of today, the Nichia 757 series.

By easily raising to the challenges that arise for the above applications, our Nichia LED Strip will ensure optimum results in all the key areas:

1. Sufficient luminous power to provide the required illumination levels for a wide range of activities in commercial, office or residential spaces.

Up to 1000 lux can be obtained via indirect lighting, covering tasks such as office work, reading, writing or drawing. For shelf, under-cabinet lighting up to 2000 lux are possible.

The results arise from using Nichia 757, the highest performing middle power LEDs on the market today. 

Two LED densities are available:

  • 140 LEDs per meter and luminous power up to 2656 lumens per meter
  • 70 LEDs per meter and luminous power up to 1328 lumens per meter

2. Very High energy efficiency.

With 120° illumination angle, the LEDs will deliver all the light to the reflective surface, a wall or ceiling, that directs it in the interior space. Adding the actual luminous efficiency of 138  lumens per watt, a cove lighting with our Nichia LED strip will require up to 70% less energy than fluorescent installations.

On demand we can equip the strip with the newest version of the Nichia LEDs, with 200 lumens per watt efficiency.

3. High light quality for similarity with daylight.

The Nichia 757 LEDs are available in numerous color temperature choices with 80+ or  90+ color rendering, ensuring that cove lighting will have a similar look and functionality as daylight.

2700K, 4000K with CRI 80+ are available from stock. The other color temperatures and CRI90+ are project based options, contact us for details.

4. Excellent lifetime, with minimum color shit or initial color differences

The Nichia LEDs have at least 42.800 hours L70 lifetime in hot working conditions. However, most users will see a lifetime of at least 60.000 hours.

LEDs are color sorted up to a 3 step MacAdam Ellipse which guarantees color uniformity at installation and problems free extending the lighting system or servicing  parts of it.

Brief technical details:

We also offer a tunable white version for Human Centric Lighting.

Contact us for a personalized offer. For small projects the strip is available to order via our shop.

Further details about these modules are available in this brochure.