LED modules with tunable white technology for Human Centric Lighting.

Our LED modules with tunable white technology are a strong foundation for Human Centric Lighting. You can dynamically manage their color temperature and brightness in order to simulate natural daylight across the period of a day, from a productive pure white in the morning to a cozy warm white in the evening.  Human Centric Lighting has has proven to increase well-being, concentration and performance.

Tunable White modules are ideal for lighting in offices, homes,
schools or hospitals.  The precision engineering of the modules ensure a smooth and uniform dimming and transition between color temperatures.

For a true Human Centric Lighting solution, with high quality spectrum, very good reliability and sufficient brightness our tunable white modules use  a multi LED architecture based on Nichia 757 or T02A LEDs. The Nichia 757 are the highest performance middle power LEDs on  the market today, with luminous efficacy reaching 210 lumens per watt and at least 60.000 hours L70 lifetime.  The Nichia T02A are unique LEDs with 180 degree viewing angle, based on the new Chip Scale Package LED technology.

You have a substantial freedom of design with the linear LED modules to bring Human Centric Lighting to cove lights, linear or slim luminaries, with the Smart Array modules to desk lamps and the BackMatrix to luminous ceilings.

Linear LED Modules with Tunable White for Human Centric cove or linear lighting

The Nichia Performer and Slim Tunable White LED modules are extremely flexible and can deal with corners and curves easily. The LED modules are available in rolls in lengths of up to 5m for substantial freedom of design with continuous lines of light. The very high luminous flux ensures Human Centric Lighting is possible via cove lights and even direct illumination of indoor spaces or task lighting.

The Nichia Performer Tunable White uses 140 x 757 Nichia LEDs to simulate white light between 2000 and 6500K and has a luminous flux of up to 6900 lumens for 5 meters.

The Nichia Slim Tunable White is the perfect solution for ultraslim light fixtures and can simulate white light between 2700 and 6500K and has a luminous flux of up to 2140 lumens for 2 meters. It uses the Nichia T02A LEDs with 180 degree viewing angle. 

SmartArray LED Modules with Tunable White for Human Centric desk lamps

The Smart Array are versatile LED modules for use in high intensity lights, from designer lighting to industrial lamps. 

With a very flat and compact design, the Smart Array LED modules will fit in almost any luminaire design can perform especially well in desk lamps or table lamps. For Human Centric Lighting the Smart Array is available in linear form and two LED densities for constant current or constant voltage operation.

BackMatrix Tunable White LED modules for Human Centric Lighting via illuminated ceilings

The powerful BackMatrix LED modules are designed to provide optimum Human Centric illumination to large areas. Luminous ceilings, walls or 3D elements will have a dynamic but uniform lighting in color and intensity, with high spectrum quality and sufficient brightness. Optimum illumination in guaranteed by using high performance Nichia T02A LEDs with 180 degree viewing angle that deliver up 11.500 lumens per square meter.

You can easily use the many KNX, ZigBee control modules with our Nichia LED modules due to their 24VDC operating voltage. A 0-10V compatible dimmer is also available.